Vasundhara Savarkshan- Ensure Tree plantation & conservation

Ensure Tree plantation & conservation

An environment friendly program to spread more awareness related to plantation and conservation of trees which will ensure lesser pollution and fresh air for all lives.

Vasundhara foundation is planning to conducts various programs related to education and conservation of environment. To conduct environmental tours for school students, public awareness, awareness against use of plastic bags. Vasundhara foundation is focusing in terms of conservation of natural resources, tree and wild life protection of Patanadevi 18.00 km to the southwest from chalisagaon, Dist Jalgaon Patnadevi is one of the ancient, historical place in Maharashtra having many architectural evidences proving it. Patnadevi is situated in the middle of Gautala sanctuary. There is an ancient and beautiful temple of Patna Devi is famous for its Hemadpanthi architecture.