Unstoppable Virangana- Hygiene for Excellence

Hygiene for Excellence

Project of Vasundhara Foundation is a small effort in which free sanitary pads would be provided at orphan center as per the requirement. Also vending machines that would provide sanitary napkins at cheaper rates will be installed in schools, colleges and other public spot, ostensibly to make them Unstoppable and Healthy for their bright future.

Menstrual hygiene has been a matter of serious concern in India. In 2010 an AC Nielson and Plan India report stated that only 12% out of the 355 million reproductive-age women in India used absorbent pads or other hygienic sanitary methods. Instead, most of them relied on old fabric, husks, dried leaves and grass, ash, sand or newspapers. “ Not maintaining proper hygiene and having intercourse during the menstrual cycle could lead to severe infections like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and even Cervical Cancer.
According to World Health Organization, India accounted to 27% of the world’s cervical cancer deaths, and doctors say that unhygienic menstrual practices could lead to cervical cancer. Occurrence of Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI) is 70% more common amongst women who use unhygienic materials during menstruation stated a survey conducted by Dasra. It is not just a health issue; the girl child’s education is also being affected due to this. As per a survey conducted by Dasra and Forbes Marshall, approximately 23% of girls opted out of the school after they started menstruating. It also mentioned that in some places almost 66 percent of girls would skip school during this time and eventually one-third of them dropped out.